Oh! Eight!

Wow... the year is coming to an end today! What a year it has been...

02.18.08 Andrew and I picked our our cozy little one bedroom but big enough for us... apartment

02.29.08 Rachel Diane Morgan decided to make an early appearance... just so her mommy and daddy couldnt come to Andrew and Heather's Wedding... oh yeah, and it's Leap Day!

03.01.08 I married my best friend... he is my heart and i could not ask for more

03.16.08 We lost my childhood dog, Savannah, a week before her 17th birthday

04.20.08 I went to my girl Holly's house and spent a precious hour with her that I would never ever give back...

05.04.08 We lost a precious beautiful girl, Holly Rebecca Tilley to Acute Myloid Leukemia

06.06.08 Andrew's Cousin Emily gave birth to KJ Hawkins

06.19.08 We picked up Sophie... our Pembroke Welsh Corgi... and my 22nd Birthday

06.27.08 Andrew's 23rd Birthday

07.01.08 Andrew started his job at BioLife Plasma Services... not necessarily what he went to school for but a blessing none-the-less

11.09.08 Josh and Emma McKinney were born at 24 weeks

11.19.08 Josh McKinney went back to Heaven

11.23.08 Emma McKinney went back to Heaven

11.27.08 Our First Thanksgiving and our first big "shin-dig" at our house... hours and hours of preparation for what seemed like five minutes of fun

12.01.08 Andrew started his job at Malt-O-Meal as a Quality Assurance Supervisor... this is what we've been waiting for... what a blessing

12.18.08 I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a Bachelor's of Science in Specialized Education Services with a concentration in Human Development and Family Studies..... We also bought our first car - a 2008 Saturn Vue XE ... again... what a blessing!

12.22.08 Andrew won a contest on Rock 92 and we get to start off 2009 at Snowshoe Mtn doing what Andrew absolutely loves... skiing! And the whole weekend is all.... free!

12.23.08 We lost Deputy Tom Roach to cancer, a wonderful man who was the School Resource Officer at Southeast when i was there... "Occifer" Roach we'll miss you!

12.25.08 Our First Christmas... what a different experience from what we're used to, but making our own traditions is all a part of the journey...

What an amazing year it has been... we've lost a lot of wonderful people, but we've also been blessed beyond measure... here's to 2009!


Graduation From UNCG

walking across stage
Turning the Tassels Hubby and I Mom, Me, and Dad
My Grandma and I
My Grandpa and I
Andrew's Mom Susan and I
My Nana, Me, and Andrew's Grandpa Ray
Nana and I
Andrew's Aunt Linda and I


The New Car...

We have been blessed this month to purchase a new car, conveniently on my graduation day. As my father said, "Congratulations on graduating and going into debt all in the same day!" Here's the new ride...



As I sit here at 1 in the morning... I just got done cleaning the house, mopping the floor, fixing Christmas decorations, and doing all the cooking and preparing I can the day before Thanksgiving... I contemplate all the things that I am thankful this year...

-my husband, whom i could not live without... my best friend, my soul mate, my life. I am so blessed that God has given me such a wonderful and caring man to spend the rest of my life with.

-my mother and father... i love them more and more every day and realize exactly why i would never want to move far away!

-my in-laws... yep, they're alright!!! haha... i'm blessed, i really am...

-my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... i'm blessed to have a family that loves each other, free of conflict, and overflowing with compassion and love.

-my puppy dog... Sophie!!! I really do love this little pup... she brings a smile to my day, every day...

-my husband has a brand new job he will be starting on Monday, December 1st... it is one that we are very excited about, both for the money and the opportunity.

-my graduation from COLLEGE... December 18th!!!!

-my friends... whether i need a shoulder to cry on or a relief from sheer boredom, they're always there...

-my home, though small and "not ours"... it's a roof over our heads and we're just fine!
-we both have cars that work... knock on wood, they're on their last legs! but they work!
-And Lastly... the honor and privalege to come to know Miss Holly Rebecca Tilley and become one of her good friends... also the honor and privalege to see Joshua Ryan and Emma Grace McKinney... though we think they were taken from all of us way too soon, the time that i saw them was truly an amazing and unforgettable experience... I know this will be a hard holiday for both of these families and i'm praying for them every day...

I could go on and on about the blessings God has given to me... I has been a wonderful wonderful year... I couldnt ask for more...


Happy Birthday Holly...

so i went on to holly's website today to wish her a happy 19th birthday and this picture was on the page, it had just been loaded by mary, holly's mother... i think my post to her accurately sums up my feelings as we reflect on a wonderful girl today...

this is what i wrote:


words cannot express the feelings i had when the page loaded and mine and holly's faces popped up on the screen... first, it brought tears to my eyes, as i was going on the site to wish her happy birthday... second, it made me so incredibly honored to have called her one of my friends, honored that i was invited to her birthday party last year, and saddened that we cannot be celebrating as we did just one year ago. I'm in thought as to the fact that last year at this time we were celebrating life, celebrating no cancer, celebrating HAIR... but wondering why it didnt come back red! wow, i loved... no wait... LOVE that girl... i'll never stop, i just love her in a different way now, i love the memories, the talks, the texts... it's sad that i cant text her and wish her happy birthday, but i know she's having one crazy party thrown for her up there! She wouldnt have it any other way... Hope you guys surround yourselves with wonderful memories of such a beautiful and amazing girl today... though it will be sad, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as always, but especially today... miss you hollyboo...



Updated Pictures...

Just a couple new pictures...
our fabulous little family...
Emily, KJ, and I
KJ and I - his first visit to Greensboro!
what a precious little man!
Daddy and I at the Kenny Chesney concert!
Olivia, Me, and Carlie at Vacation Bible School
Sophie answering the phones at Lucky's
Sophie and Zoe... bestest friends...

6 months!!!