Happy Anniversary... a couple days early!

From Dr. Quinn to Wedding Crashers to Dancing with the Stars, Jane Seymour has always been one of my favorite actresses... when she came out with her Open Hearts Collection at Jared and Kay Jewelers, I knew what I wanted for my anniversary! Apparently, my husband couldnt keep it in his possession long enough to wait for the big day! I didnt mind... :) The quote for the collection is "If your heart is open, love will always find its way in." The necklace also came with Jane Seymour's book which has numerous quotes and narratives in it...
Here it is! Thanks Hubby!!! I love you!

Really Belated Post... Valentine's Day Pictures

Andrew and I on Valentine's Day
The T-Bone from Andrew's steak... Sophie's first experience
I dont think this needs an explanation...
another flower picture.... :)


Not Me! Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

First off, on Friday when we went to a japanese sushi bar I did not take pictures of the food. Because of my affinity for raw, seaweed nastiness, I decided to go out on a limb and get cooked food... because this is not something I would normally do... It did not take FOREVER to get my food, my cooked food, but it most certainly did not take another 30 minutes to get the amazing sushi for my husband and mother-in-law... and lastly, I could not have eaten my food HOT (like it was supposed to be!) and was long done by the time the sushi got there.... what else could I do but take pictures??? I'll give them this, the presentation is beautiful!

On Valentine's morning, my husband came into the room and woke me up... well tried to. I kept telling him I wanted to sleep in longer and he said most sincerely... "Heather... WAKE UP!" My husband did not bring me brunch in bed with chocolates and roses on Valentine's Day Morning... that couldnt have been my husband!!!

On the other hand, being the {most romantic person ever} procrastinator that I am, did not take my husband to Target after we ate and tell him to pick out what he wanted for Valentine's Day... I couldnt have been that lazy... nope, not me! And he did not get yet ANOTHER movie... which brings our collection to 1482938506.... ugh...

And just a side note... i do not have the best husband in the world... a little less than 2 weeks till our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!