play with your food...

I think it would be safe to say that most of us have something our mother or father did that we do now as adults. This, my friends, would be just one of those things. Along with making angel food cakes pink, my mom made hot dogs into little men. I know, I know... how silly. It's just one of those things. Every time I eat hot dogs at home, I do this and think of my mommy. :) On a side note, it's great for kids!


♥A Dog After My Own Heart♥

conveniently after my Healthy Summer Eating post... I post this... haha


A Picture-Like Update

wow... i need to update... for the 3 people who actually read this blog... haha :)

out to eat with the newly engaged couple Meagan and Justin :)

Hubby and I getting ready to see the movie "UP!"

the morning of my birthday, Kayleigh lost pulled her second tooth all by herself!

second half of my birthday, we spent making funfetti (best cake mix ever) cupcakes! :) and every kid should be allowed to lick the beaters and spatulas... :)
-by the way... notice the eyeshadow??? haha-

yes... the icing melted off the cupcakes... no... they werent warm when i put the icing on there. they had actually been sitting out for about 3 hours... did i care? ha! :)

let me go ahead and plug the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker companies...

my birthday was also Kayleigh's last day at my house.... a fun time at the pool was definitely needed!!! i had sooo much fun keeping this sweet little girl for the last 3 1/2 months!
birthday night = Lone Star Restaurant
with Mommy

and Daddy

and Grandma

Carlie and Olivia gave me the Littlest Pet Shop Pembroke Welsh Corgi... look how cute it is!!!

The next day, we went to Lisa and Ben's Wedding... Lisa is a middle/high school friend. And what an amazing wedding it was... There were four pastors... yes. four. Lisa's father did the "essentials"... you know, the vows, pronouncing, etc. It was definitely an emotional event, any time a father performs the daughters wedding, it turns into one. But on the other hand, if you didnt know what a marriage was before, you did after you walked out of that sanctuary. It was a great learning experience. Knowing Lisa's mom and dad, and seeing them in their own element as husband and wife... that's what you want to be... that's what you want your marriage to be like. They were truly role models. The wedding was beautiful, I wish you all the happiness in the world, Mr. and Mrs. Cranford!


WorkingOnTechnique: Critters.

Not really much explanation needed... this is a place called the "Bog Garden" in Greensboro, NC. It's as much of a little paradise as you can get in the middle of the city. Lots of "NC" critters, alligator snapping turtles, fish, ducks, geese (which we could live without), lots of birds, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, and much more! After over 350 pictures, I managed to get about 75 good ones... :) If you're a photographer, you know that it takes 10 or 12 pictures to get one really good one... well, for this photographer it does!