♥ Heartbeat ♥


We had a doctor's appointment to hear the heartbeat for the first time!
Everthing looks great! What a miracle!
Baby looks great, heartbeat is exactly where it should be!


a spash of lime please... ahem... 11 weeks.

This is what The Bump has to say about the little one at 11 weeks: "Your fetus currently enjoys a 1:1 ratio between body and head, and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through it. But fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds, and nail beds are forming -- setting up a significantly more attractive future."

During Week 10, i have definitely seen some changes, felt some changes, however you want to put it. With in a couple of days, my tummy has become less.... ummm... soft (yeah, that's a nice word, haha) and more firm. And after i eat, its hard as a rock... "baby of steel" as i like to refer to it... :) Though I can still button my regular jeans, they have become very uncomfortable, especially after meals. Therefore, maternity jeans have become a regular part of my wardrobe. And they seem to be quite comfy! (though i dont really have the belly to hold them up yet!)

So, here's to you my sweet little lime... until next week...


10 Weeks.

And the week with the award for the "least attractive fruit/vegetable comparison" goes to... 10 week prune baby!!! Come on The Bump.... really??? A prune??? You couldn't find a better looking, better tasting, not shriveled up fruit to call my youngin??? Well, it's only for one week...

So, one very exciting thing that is going on this week: the arm joints are now functioning! i happen to think that is sooo exciting! Instead of being a mass that doesn't resemble a human, we are turning into a living, breathing, arm moving, baby!

Here's the excerpt from The Bump: "With bones and cartilage starting to form and vital organs beginning to function, baby is making major progress. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will too.)"

So, here's to you, prune baby!

oh yeah. something i've figured out during week 9: taco bell = no good for baby.

never. again. well, never again until i have this baby!


Looking Back.

I ran across some old pictures my mom had of my Great Grandparents in Kentucky....

my Great Granparents, Floyd and Nellie Cruse in 1932

and here in 1996
Grandpa Floyd and I in 1989
and lastly, the hutch I told you about here.... there it is!



So back at the end of July, my mom, my grandma, and myself went to Richmond, KY. My great-grandfather and a few other family members live there. He is 96 years old and still kickin' but failed his memory test and had to be put into a nursing home. Can't really complain to finally have to go into a nursing home at 96... he's lived on his own for a LONG time! The last time that we were in Kentucky was 11 years ago when my great grandmother passed away, and we didn't really expect Grandpa Floyd to remember us, but when we explained to him that we were "Wanda's daughter and granddaughter" he put things together and understood. My Grandma goes there every year, sometimes twice, so he remembered her. We had a great time, we went through his things at his old apartment, got some pictures, some afghans my great grandmother had made, some china, and some other keepsakes to take home with us. We will also be getting a hutch that they kept some china in once my dad can go pick it up, or family comes here and visits... whichever comes first. It's always nice to have some keepsakes and furniture that has a "story" behind it.we told him to say "Whee!!!!" ... nobody really thought he would do it but.... :)
Counting the child "in utero" that's 5 generations... and hopefully after this baby comes we can get to Kentucky for a "real" 5 generations picture...

After he finished his meal he had a piece of pound cake on a little plate. My mom reached over and acted like she was going to take his dessert... He took the whole piece of cake and shoved it in his face... it crumbled and went all over his clothes and lap! it was sooooo funny! He's still a cut up!


we're at OLIVE status. ahem. 9 weeks.

We are at olive status people... also, according to The Bump, my favorite little "mommy site" or "parent to be site" and sister site to The Nest, we have graduated to "fetus-hood!" The baby is starting to look like... get this... a BABY!

As for me, I'm now in "uncharted territory." I've never been pregnant for 9 weeks... everything from now on is NEW! Technically, I hit the "new" mark a while back because the last baby only measured 6 weeks when I was 8 weeks... but all technicalities aside, everything is an adventure from here! (then again, this pregnancy has been an adventure the whole time anyways!)

I am soooo thankful for this pregnancy, sick or not. Obviously, I am already in love with this little "olive sized little one." I was thankful to make it through the 8 week marker, though it was one of my most paranoid weeks so far. I am so thankful to be at 9 weeks and will be thankful every week from now on. Part of me is still paranoid, and I guess I will be until I have this baby in my arms, and then again, I will probably still be paranoid... I guess all we can do is leave it up to God and His plan.... because no matter what we think... it. is. best.

p.s. i think olives are gross... i guess i can like them just for this week. :)


Mmmmm.... yum.

so... out of the ordinary cravings.... well, for me anyways... i usually do not like "ridged" potato chips and dip at all... so this... not really something i usually have in the house... in fact, i just got done eating some! :)


and now, something that I've always loved... something that i got "hooked on" when i was a child but haven't had in a long time... i had it today... and i think it might turn into a regular deal. hehe!


vanilla frozen yogurt, strawberries, and wet walnuts parfait from TCBY = YUM!


8 weeks.

So... here we are. 8 weeks. It's a day I've been anxious for, scared for, longing for, excited for, and terrified about. I'm glad it's here, but I'm still MAJORLY nervous. We lost the last baby at 8 weeks and 1 day. So the nervousness = expected and merited. I've been nervous the whole time leading up to this point, but for some reason today, I've been extra jumpy.

Surprisingly, deep in my heart, I'm not expecting a miscarriage this time. (well, i wasn't expecting one the last time either but you know what i mean...) As I've said before, this pregnancy has been SOOOO different than the first one. I feel different in every definition of the word. I know "Sickness" (i wont use the morning word, cause it hasn't been morning the whole time... it's all day... any time... any place...) isn't the "end all" but it's a GREAT sign. It means hormones are unbelievably high, which makes for a healthy pregnancy.

As for the "sickness" part... I've been doing okay. I haven't puked the last 2 days! I've figured out that this youngin does NOT like acidic things... no SPRITE (wow, that's usually what i live off of when I'm sick), no Italian ice, no lemonade, no juice... The past 2 days I've steered clear of all these things and I've still felt crappy, but no puking! We'll see how long this lasts!

So... fingers crossed, wood "knocked", and prayers lifted... we can make it through this 1st trimester and on to the 2nd and 3rd... to have our little one right around St. Patty's Day!

And as my mom says... "Pat" if it's a girl, and "Pat" if it's a boy! haha... nice thinking mom!