Santa Baby

Ready to see Santa!
Waiting in line, having fun with Daddy
Our Little Family
Look at that!!! Cutest Ever!!!

Nate's First Snow!

It doesn't snow much here in North Carolina and when we get it, it's usually not in December, it's usually in January or February... so this snow on December 4th was a big surprise!

All bundled up and ready to go!

What is this stuff?
my beautiful blue-eyed boy!
I think I'm going to eat it... like I do EVERYTHING else!

I know this last one has NOTHING to do with snow, but it was just TOO cute to leave out!

Let's Go Duke!

So, my husband pretty much got the whole football season to dress up Nate in NC State "Garb"... i have officially called basketball season as mine!

Do I think it will work?

Will I try?

Have I taken matters into my own hands and bought Nate Duke clothes?

Does Nate have a Grandma and a Great Aunt that buys him NC State clothes every chance they get? Yes.

Who dresses him?
Mommy!!! ::Evil Grin::

Cutest Little Cameron Crazy You've EVER Seen!!!

Nate's First Mountain Trip

Every year, my husband's family goes to the same place to get Christmas trees, way up in the mountains of North Carolina. Usually they all go on the day after Thanksgiving, but since Andrew had to work, we opted to go the Monday after Thanksgiving. This was Nate's longest trip he's ever taken, and since we took a wrong turn, it made for a pretty long trip! We got there right before sunset and headed to get Nate's First Christmas Tree!
We had to ride on a trailer pulled by a tractor to get to the field where they were this year...
It was a VERY bumpy ride...
and it went up a VERY steep hill... that was certainly an experience!
The 83-year-old owner of the Christmas Tree Farm, Mr. Absher, cutting down our Christmas tree, assisted by my husband.
Nate touching a Christmas tree for the first time
Standing by our tree!
This is what happens when you give an 83 year old man a camera... heads might get cut off!

on the way back!
a little photoshoot with the baby boy while they were fixing up the tree to get ready to go home!
Don't you just want to eat those cheeks!?!

November Pictures

A messy meal time... We usually don't eat very "messy" but when we do, we go ALL OUT!

Look who found himself in the mirror!
Playing Pee-A-Boo with "Auntie" Vern
Happy Thanksgiving!
After watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade all morning, we finally got to the end, and let Nate know that once Santa came on the TV, it was officially Christmastime!!!
Yep, our little man is pulling up on furniture, chairs, well... everything!
ready to eat!
telling Nana and Papaw bye-bye
drops of water on my Dad's sunroof... just thought it made for a neat picture :)
Nate is all decorated for Christmas!


7 and 8 Months

Considering we're almost to 9 months, I guess I had better post our 7 month and 8 month pictures!

7 Months Old!

8 Months Old!

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

We headed to a local pumpkin patch one Sunday after church to pick out Nate's first pumpkin! He wasn't really in the mood, considering it was naptime, but we sure enjoyed it! :)

Happy Halloween!!!

Our Little Monkey!

Nate's "Girlfriend" Jesslyn trying to sneak away with some of his candy!