He's Here!!!!

Nathaniel "Nate" Ray Downer
March 19th 2010.
4:15 pm.
9 pounds 2 ounces.
22 inches long.
brown hair.
blue eyes.


Come and Gone...

Our due date has come and gone... Our dear sweet boy has decided to not be a dear, sweet, coveted by many, early baby. Oh, the nerve! He has decided to not wear the St. Patty's Day bib and onesie he was given and instead be RUDE and not accept the gifts. I tell ya, he didn't get that rudeness from me! I was trying to convince him to be on time... because, you know, his mother is NEVER on time. But, why change things now. I guess he'll be late. Hopefully he'll be just fashionably late, and not annoyingly late!!! Let's cross our fingers!!!!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday, March 16th, only to find out that we have made NO progress in 2 weeks... We do have a "light at the end of this tunnel" though, we will be induced on Thursday, March 25th, if need be. Hopefully this little one will decide to make an appearance on his own, and preferably REALLY REALLY soon!!!! But at least we have an "ending date" if we need it!!! So, in one week, regardless of what he decides to do, I'll be a mommy!!!!

Here's a collage from weeks 15-39 and a picture of me on our due date, St. Patrick's Day.

Hopefully we'll have some baby pictures to show you VERY soon!!!!



Havent posted in a while, still here. Still.... with child. Thought I would update with some pictures.

Our 2nd Anniversary was on March 1st. Andrew had to work, so we went out for a "daytime date" to Red Lobster and... Babies R Us of course. haha... thus is life. We figured it would be more practical to save a vacation day for when the baby gets here, even though it was hard to not spend most of our anniversary together and be home alone... but it all worked out.

Here's our "baby" until further notice. She's just sooo precious, we love her sooooo much!!! She's gonna have a hard time when this little man comes home!

We've had the Wii Fit out recently and she's decided it should also be used as a pillow. Whatever!!!