car rentals.

my husband can now rent a car.

happy 25th baby.

i love you!


Nate and Sophie

Sophie Loves Her Brother... ♥


Nate's First Time "Swimming"

my little guy looking spiffy in his swimsuit from his Nana and Papaw!
(a little big, but still cute as can be!)

oh no! this is cold!
look at that lip!

We had a great time! Not sure if Nate did, but Mommy and Daddy thought it was fun!
And Nate eventually got used to the water! :)


mommy thoughts.

First of all, our little man is 3 months old. We weighed him today and he is 14.2 lbs! Wow! ...my little chunky monkey!

He smiles... all. the. time. Well, unless he's hungry, or sleepy. But sometimes, I catch him smiling at me with eyes half closed. Those are the moments you wish you could freeze... ♥

While talking to my Nana, one phrase repeats itself: "Isn't it amazing that.... _____" And yes. It is.

It's amazing that at 3 months old, my son feels like he's going to "miss something" if he isn't turned around to see everything at everybody. He likes to either sit on your lap (not facing you) or stand up either on your legs or on the table, desk, etc and look at you. Cradle type carries are no more unless he's really sleepy. Where did my newborn go?!?!

It's amazing that he sleeps like me. On his side, hands by his face.

Oh, and the kicks. My child LOVES to kick. Sometimes it drives me crazy! Like during diaper/clothes changes. What a challenge!

Here in the past couple of days, he has learned to grab his feet. You know, like of like a cheerleader grabs their foot and brings it up by their head. Yeah, he does that. We're going to have to stop the dog from licking his feet pretty soon, cause the next place they're gonna go is in the mouth!

He turns when we talk. He follows us around the room with his eyes. He knows who we are. This is amazing. I always longed for a child to want me. I wouldn't call it jealousy, but when I had other people's children and I couldn't calm them and the mother could do it immediately, it "irked" me. It's so neat to be the person that THEY long for. :)

Around 8 weeks, he started sleeping through the night, and sleeps for 10-12 hours each night. This, is amazing on all counts. :)

That's all the "mommy thoughts" for today... just thought I would share some.

I love you baby boy!!!

Three Months Old!

I can't believe my little guy is 3 months old! Time goes by so quickly!

On a bright note, though he DID fall over this month, he was able to move to his belly and lift his head back up. He didn't look near as pitiful as he did the past couple months! Maybe next month we wont even fall over at all!!!

I'll leave you with this.
too. cool. for. school.



A Night Away.

Andrew and I decided a couple months ago that we would have a "night away" to celebrate our birthdays. My 24th Birthday was on June 19th and Andrew's 25th Birthday is on June 27th. Last Friday, the 18th, we left the baby with my mom and dad and headed to Charlotte. It was such a nice, refreshing 2 days.

We got there around 6:30, went to check in at the hotel Andrew's aunt so nicely got for us and headed to the mall. South Park Mall in Charlotte is one of my favorite places to shop. It's a very "high end" mall and most of it I can't afford, but I love looking and I like the atmosphere. It's also fun to go in places like Kate Spade and Tiffany's and pretend you can afford things!!! :) Andy asked me a while ago what I wanted for my birthday and I told him clothes, so he took me shopping with no complaints! The ladies in the dressing room helping me commented on what a "trooper" he was! :) I have a new favorite store in Ann Taylor Loft and got some great deals there. We left the mall at 9:00 and still hadn't eaten dinner! What a difference this was to not be on a schedule! We ate at an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's and we sat on the terrace. It was a beautiful place and a beautiful night. Saturday morning, we left the hotel and made our way to IKEA. What a HUGE place! We could have spent our life's savings in that store! We got the little man some toys and a light up moon that hangs on his wall in his nursery. We also got a new office chair that we desperately needed. After IKEA we headed to Concord Mills and did some shopping before going home.

About half way between Charlotte and Greensboro, my husband called "dibs" on holding the baby first when we got back! haha... we sure did miss him! It seemed like most of our talking was done about him, and the cute things he does, or how we thought he was doing at his Nana and Papaw's house on his first night away.

After staying the night Friday, we had my 24th Birthday Saturday, and Andrew's First Father's Day Sunday. What a busy, exciting weekend!!!

Here's some pictures!

our hotel room... with a KING size bed. (a nice change from the full we have now) :)
eating outside at Maggiano's

my 24th Birthday

Happy First Father's Day!!!
this is our new "family picture" i forgot to put in another blog... we took this to put out at Nana and Papaw's Anniversary Party. It was taken on June 10th 2010.

Then and Now...

1960 and 2010

Pictures from Nana and Papaw's Wedding day we "re-created" at the anniversary party. The second one is of those who are still with us.
(Sue, Paul, Gloria, Linnie, Linnie-Mae, Dot, and Floyd)

50 Years...

On June 12th 2010, we had a 50th Anniversary Party for my Nana and Papaw. These are my Dad's mom and dad. They are so special to us. The children and grandchildren knew we couldn't let this special event pass us by without getting friends and family together to celebrate. The party went great and it was nice to see how many people love and care for my Nana and Papaw, as we do. Here are some pictures!

we tried to surprise them... but they knew :)

Nana looking at the books that were made for her.
Elaine (Nana and Sue's cousin), Nana, and Sue (Nana's Sister)
Elaine and her husband came from South Georgia for the occasion. They hadn't seen each other in 55 years. Now that WAS a surprise!
Janie, Jennifer, Nana, Leann, and Orena

Nana and the ladies from her Shady Grove SundaySchool Class

Couldn't wrap up this blog without a picture of Nate: he dressed up for the occasion!

Happy Anniversary Nana and Papaw! You are such an inspiration to all of us about what love and marriage should be like.... we love you!