Five Months Old!

Wow! Look at my BIG five month old!!!
wait! how many months am I??? let me look at this....
no, no, dont tell my age! i must hide it!
seriously, mom. more pictures?
okay... i'll smile a little.
okay, I'm done.
no, seriously. i'm done.


Let's Go for a Ride!!!

Nate's "Aunt" PJ bought him a little wagon and filled it with blocks and a toy truck. I was getting the blocks out last night and had a revelation...

"Nate is the perfect size to..."

hehe!!! what fun!

Look What I Can Do!

Nate can sit up by himself, with some help from his Boppy pillow!

Say WHAT?!?!?!?

August 2010 Pictures

Nate's new favorite place and position to sleep...
right under the sleep sheep, right in front of the mirror, with his butt in the air!
ready for church! (August 1st)
hey mommy!
chillin' after bathtime in the robe Auntie Vern and Uncle Alex gave us... just about too little now!
tummy time with Great Aunt Lee-Lee
tummy time with GiGi's dog, Zoey
Nate Loves his GiGi... ♥

Green Beans!!!

On August 5th 2010, Nate has his first "real food" besides cereal and formula. We ventured into the world of Green Beans!

As of right now, he is not a fan.... as you will see in the pictures to come! Since then, we have tried bananas and carrots, both of which he LOVES. We'll try green beans again soon.... hopefully they will "grow on him". :)

Here are pictures of the first green bean experience....

Granny Nellie's Hutch

We went to Kentucky back in July of 2009 (to see that post click here)... and made plans to get my Great Grandmother's hutch. She passed away many years ago, and the hutch was still at my Great Grandfather's apartment. Since he was moving into a nursing home, it was given to me. We couldn't take it home with us on that trip because we didn't have the means, so my mom's cousin kept it for us. A year later, my dad made the trip to Kentucky to pick it up for us. We will cherish it for many years to come. Since our visit to Kentucky, my Great Grandfather passed away (on March 18th, the day before Nate was born).

Granny Nellie in 1975 with the hutch my Grandpa Floyd had made for her

Granny Nellie and I in 1989
My Dad helping us polish it up after we got it to our house
Finished Product!
the bottom shelf is "keepsakes" - on that shelf we have these pictures of my Great Grandparents along with the little Boston Terrier that was Granny Nelly's.

More July Pictures

Nate's first Wrangler outfit (his Grandma and Aunts work there)
First time "baby-wearing" with Daddy
he LOVES his feet!!!
man, I LOVE that last picture... :)

July 4th 2010

I am soooo behind!!! Here are some pictures from Nate's first July 4th!