September 2010 Pictures

sporting his NC State (Daddy's Alma Mater) for their first game on August 4th
playing on Nana and Papaws piano
ready for church on August 5th (okay, so he didn't wear the hat...)

all of these pictures from here on out are pictures Nate's first trip to the park
we went to Hester Park on August 17th
Nate's first time on the swings...

sliding with mommy!

my strong boy doing a pull up! :)

My (Teething) Cookie Monster

We are FULL FORCE into teething. Nate has 2 bottom front teeth that have cut through and one of his top front teeth is super close! His gums are swollen and we will no doubt be seeing more little teeth coming through sooner than later! Here are some pictures of Nate snacking on a teething cookie!

and my favorite....

Nate and Daddy's First Dolphins Game

My husband has always been a big Miami Dolphins fan... so when we found out we were having a boy, that was one of the first things he was really excited about: sharing his love for football and the Miami Dolphins. I don't really "have an NFL team" so I kind of go along with him on the whole Miami Dolphins thing. On September 12th 2010, Miami had their first game, and thanks to Direct TV giving us one weekend of NFL Sunday Ticket, Daddy and Nate could watch the game together. (considering we live in North Carolina and they don't broadcast very many Dolphins games here) Nate didn't get through the whole game without falling asleep for an afternoon nap, but it was a really great moment and we captured some cute pictures we will treasure forever!

Nate and Daddy
our little Dolphins family
Mommy and Nate
Daddy telling Nate about the Dolphins

my precious little man!

Happy 6 Month Birthday Nate!!!

First off, let me apologize to the couple of people who read this blog. I am a horrible blogger. I have missed my son's "6 Month Post" by ONE WEEK!!! Please. Forgive. Me.

(we've been busy.)

So, on September 19th 2010, you know, a week ago, my son turned the big SIX MONTHS!!! Whoa. That's all I have to say.... WHOA.

That's HALF A YEAR people! Soooo hard to believe! You know, it's so cliche' that "it goes by so fast," and before I had him, I would possibly roll my eyes at such a comment.

But you know what??? It DOES! It really DOES!

Here are some things that Nate is doing at 6 Months:

* he eats cereal (both rice and oatmeal) twice a day

* he eats baby food twice a day. (he has tried multiple veggies and fruit, too many to list... though i DO have one)

* he can sit up without support

* he can stand while leaning on a sturdy object (for a little bit)

* he is SOOOO close to crawling it's ridiculous!

* he takes little steps while holding our hands

* he LOVES "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" and it ALWAYS gets a smile. :)

* he enjoyed his first Miami Dolphins game with Daddy a couple weeks ago (pictures to come)

* he is enamored with Sophie (or Welsh Corgi)

* he loves to play with his "roller coaster" toy

* he eats, on occasion, "Biter Biscuits" and "Puffs" (though they are really made for "crawlers" according to Gerber) <--- it's all about supervision people!

* he has cut his two bottom front teeth, we can see the "white" from the top left front tooth, and his gums are puffy and swollen on the bottom to clue us that he will be introducing more very soon. (yes. fun. i know.)

* his Nana realized a couple nights ago that his teeth are SHARP. (right Nana???!!!)

* he LOVES his Nana, Papaw, Grandma, and Grandpa very much and we are very lucky to have them all

* he's growing out of clothes all too quickly. that's all I'm gonna say about that one. :)

* Last but not least.... he's AMAZING.

Here are our 6 Month Pictures
(ACTUALLY taken on his "6 Month Birthday" 9-19-10)

We LOVE you little man!!!