Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!

Harris Teeter triple coupons were this past week through tomorrow (Tuesday)... I have never been a real "couponer" but the Extreme Couponing show on TLC has sparked my interest.  No, I have no intention, or the room, to buy 69 bottles of mustard and 45 tubes of toothpaste... but I do have interest in saving our family money!  Especially on things that are non-perishable, or at least have a couple years worth of shelf life.  Harris Teeter's coupon policy for "triples" is 20 coupons per day, per household.

After getting some coupons from Andrew's Aunt Linda and buying a Sunday paper, we organized and headed out Sunday night to do some shopping.  On that trip we saved $103.63 and kept our grocery bill under $100, which is pretty good for us!

Today, I decided to go out for more, with about 15 coupons in hand (since we used our limit yesterday) and get some things they were either out of, or some other coupon finds that I found last night online.  I saved $35.24 today and had a grocery bill under $15!

Here are some of the great buys today:

Skintimate Shave Gel (I paid 74 cents)
French's Mustard (I paid 50 cents)
Heinz Ketchup (I paid 50 cents)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce (I paid 35 cents)
Mahatma Rice (I paid 40 cents)

Uncle Ben's Rice (they paid me $1.25!)
Special K Cereal (they paid me 33 cents!)
French's Honey Mustard (they paid me 96 cents!)

How exciting is it when you not only get items for free, but they literally pay YOU to buy them, taking more money off of your bill in the end!

One last tip that we learned from a fellow shopper and "couponer" last night was that as long as the first 4 numbers of the UPC code match the coupon, you can use the coupon on whatever you want.
For example:  I had a coupon for 70 cents off of Raisin Bran (which will triple).  I'm not a fan of Raisin Bran, but I would eat it anyways if I could get it for a good price.  I looked on the coupon and the first four numbers matched UPC codes for MOST of the Kellogg's cereals.  I found a close-out box of Special K cereal that was $1.77.  With my coupon tripling (coming out to $2.10) that means that they gave ME 33 cents to buy that box of cereal.  Sadly, I only had one coupon with me!  :)

Here's to saving money!