being a stay at home mommy is hard sometimes.
sooo. hard.
sometimes you feel so cooped up, everyone is out and about, and you are at home 24/7.
the monotony can be killer.
your husband walks in the door and all he wants to do is relax.
all you can think about is getting out of the house.
you say "no" to the same things every day.
"no" son, you may not put your hands in the toilet.
"no" son, you may not splash in the dog's water dish.
"no" son, you may not push the buttons on the satellite receiver.
"no" son, you may not take all the recyclables out of the trash can.
"no" son, you may not throw your food on the floor.  "yes", i realize the dog will eat it.
"no" son, you may not pitch a fit.
"no" son, you may not take the computer mouse off the desk over and over and over.
no, no, no, no, no....

and then...
at night...
when he gives you a hug and looks at you with those big blue eyes, you know.
it's all worth it.
and you can't wait to wake up and do it tomorrow.
because he's your world.