The Year in Review... 2011

2011 has come and gone... and what a year it has been!

We started the year at our home, Andrew and I in the living room, watching the "ball drop," and a little nine-month-old snuggled in his bed.  We figured keeping him out until the wee hours of the morning wasn't the best of ideas...

New Year's Eve 2010

In January, I decided to make my "photography hobby" a little more of a business.  I named it HMD Photography (my initials) and have had sessions here and there throughout the year.  Hopefully 2012 will bring us more and more clients!  We have enjoyed the little bit of extra money and the experience that comes with it!  Nate also moved into "sippy cup status" and tried milk for the first time!

In February, Andrew's hours finally turned from night shift to DAY shift!  We have LOVED this transition and are truly thankful we get to spend our "nights" together...  We also had a really handsome buddy for Valentine's Day!

On March 19th 2011, we celebrated our little one's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  We had a great party with all of our friends and family!  My Papaw (Daddy's Dad) also went to Costa Rica on a missions trip and came back safe and sound!

In April, we enjoyed parks with friends, the zoo, and babywearing.  We also celebrated Nate's 2nd Easter.

On May 28th 2011, my Dad turned the big 50!  We gifted him with his very first hot air balloon ride, though he didn't get to take it until a few months later.  We also went to the Natural Science Center with "Uncle" Alex and "Auntie" Vern, and my cousin Ashley graduated from UNCG.

In June, I turned 25 and Andrew turned 26!  Man, we're getting old, can you believe it?!?  We had lots of fun times in Alex and Veronica's pool, Nate got "big boy shoes," and began to walk!

In July, we had lots of firework fun, Papaw took a hot air balloon ride with Nana, and we had VBS at our church!

In August, we enjoyed carnivals and church picnics!  I also had the opportunity to photography my first labor and delivery!  That was amazing!  I can't wait to have the chance to do it again!

In September, Nate turned 18 months and along with getting his picture made, we also bought a "big boy" Elmo potty!

In October, Nate enjoyed his 2nd NC State football game and 2nd NC State Fair!  We also celebrated Halloween with pumpkin patches, Captain America, and two "Trunk or Treats!"  Andrew's Great Aunt Barbara came in from California and we enjoyed sing-alongs with her and Andrew's Grandma!  On October 23rd, we lost Andrew's Grandpa and Nate's "middle namesake" Ray Morgan.  He is truly missed.

In November, along with Thanksgiving, we enjoyed family pictures by Gain Composure Photography with Aaron Kohns, and my Daddy getting baptized.  I also became part of the iPhone family!  ;)

at the NC State v.s. UNC game.  (NC State won by the way)

In December, we made our yearly trip to the mountains of North Carolina to get our Christmas tree, Nate got his first haircut, and we celebrated Christmas with our family and friends!

What a wonderful year this has been.  We are truly blessed to call each and every one of you our friends and family.  Thank you to all who have been a part of this year!  I look forward to many, many more!