Nate's First Trip to the ER -6.9.12-

We had our first (hopefully our last, but with two boys probably not) trip to the ER on June 9th 2012.  We were at our church to celebrate Andrew's cousin's graduation that morning.  Nate was playing on the stage in the youth room at our church, which is not flush to the wall in the back right corner, we now know... There is a game on the stage that Nate loves to play with... something like this.

Anyways.  He apparently mis-stepped and fell between the stage and the wall, hitting his chin on the floor and biting his lip all the way through with his two front teeth.  I was making waffles at the time and Andrew's cousin Emily was in the room when it happened.  She was rushing him to the bathroom when I got first glimpse of my little guy.  Not forgetting that picture any time soon.

Mouths bleed.  A LOT.

We all rushed in the bathroom to start cleaning him up, assessing the "damage."  I ALMOST panicked.  My mom, and her calm words:  "Don't panic, you'll make him even more scared... you have to stay calm."  Andrew was at work, so I had to be the CALM parent.  We were talking the other day about whether our roles would have been different had he been there.  Would I have "fallen apart?"  Who knows, but that day, I didn't.

May I repeat myself that mouths bleed a lot?

After we realized that he had in fact bitten all the way through, we knew #1, our morning would be filled with an ER visit... #2, our plans for that Saturday were drastically changed... and #3, we wouldn't get any breakfast!  ((you put those in order of importance))   :)
elevator on the way to the Pediatric ER
so scared. :/

I really can't complain about the Pediatric ER at Cone Hospital.  We stepped in the door, and not even 10 minutes later, we were in a room.  They tried to decide whether to do stitches, glue, or a steri-strip, but we all felt that though it was the hardest route, stitches would do the best.  Glue has a chance of coming undone, and a steri-strip, yeah, that wasn't going to stay on my two year old.  Maybe for about 30 seconds!

believe it or not, he wasn't crying because of his lip at the point, he was upset because he didn't want silly mommy taking pictures!  (i had to send one to Andrew though, keeping him posted throughout the way)
The doctors were super sweet and the lead doctor indulged Nate for a little bit to "earn his trust" a little better.  He check out Nate's truck... eyes, wheels, mouth, etc.  This got him laughing a bit.  Many doctors feel their days are too busy to stop for a couple minutes to do this.

checking out "Chuck the Truck"
The stitches.
Wow, this was rough.  They had to wrap my little guy in a sheet from shoulders down and then have a nurse holding his head.  Trust me when I say, he worked up a sweat and probably a sore throat from this one.  Can you imagine how scared he was?
Once again.  Strong parent mode.
Nate got 2 dissolvable stitches on the outside of his lip.  They normally try to avoid stitching the inside, due to risk of infection.

the numbing agent. (right before stitches)

You should have seen his reaction when he same nurse that wrapped him up in the "burrito" straight jacket and held down his head tried to give him a sticker.  That didn't go over too well.  :)

After this whole deal, the poor guy was exhausted.

poor guy couldn't shut his mouth well because of the swelling and could't quit drooling!
you can also see his teeth well in this picture.
Mommy got lots of cuddles that day.

On the 11th, Monday, we went to the dentist.  We had to find a pedodontist that would take him so young, and would also take our insurance without having to pay everything up front (simply because I didn't know what we were in for).  We "talked it up" on the way there, and in the waiting room, but when the assistant came to get him, we got a surprise.  "Mommy can't go back with him." she says.  "I don't know if that's going to work"  I said.  "He'll be okay."  ((cue cries of terror from the two year old))

I sent him away with a smile and encouraging words.
Door closes.
Mommy falls apart.
Mommy could have been mopped off the floor.
Deep breaths.

They did an x-ray and there were no fractures in his teeth, and though they were very crooked, there was minimal movement, which was a great sign.  All thoughts lead to him keeping them.  A little over a week later, they seem to have straightened a little bit, and tightened back up.  We are certainly thankful for this answer to prayer.  We need our front teeth!  Nate was put on soft foods for 2 weeks and was scheduled a follow up mommy still cant go back with you appointment in 6 weeks.

So, there you have it.
Our first trip to the ER.  Our first "big" boo boo.
The first, and definitely not the last, time I had to "hold it together" for the sake of my child.  :)

Here are some pictures through out the week.

June 10th (flash in eyes - not crying)
June 11th (flash in eyes - actually saying "cheese" - not crying)
June 13th
June 13th
June 13th
June 16th (one week later)
June 16th (one week later)
in his baby book, a page for his "boo-boo"
Today, June 18th.  (scab is almost gone!)

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for our little guy!  We've definitely felt them!


All About Baby #2

Best I could get of this one... big brother!
I took a picture and set it as the wallpaper on my phone, so that when Andy came home from work (and i conventiently asked him to check something on my phone) he would see it.
Our pastor at our church has a special way of announcing pregnancies.  He asks the father of the child to go to the front and pick up a white flower, and go back to his seat and give it to the mother...  it was super sweet.

I've been a little scarce in the pregnancy department this time... With Nate, I took a picture EVERY week, in the same shirt, tracked progress, etc.  With this baby, I'm doing... nothing.  Maybe i'll start taking pictures soon... maybe.  I've taken a couple.  Probably 5.  In different outfits.  At random times.  Yeah, nothing like Nate.  Poor deprived child.  :)
11w 2d....  13w 1d....  15w 4d....  17w 3d....  21w 4d

This pregnancy has been nothing but sickness... bad sickness.  Healthy baby, unhappy mama.  :)  Worth it all though!!!  I was in the hospital twice towards the beginning, once for a couple hours, and the other time they kept me overnight for fluids and observation.  The whole time, it was mommy who was unhealthy, baby just doing amazingly!!!  ((and as long as that's the case, we can deal))  I lost about 20 lbs over the first trimester... not complaining there!  Just a yucky way to do it!

Right now, I'm 25 weeks, and I can safely say that there are tons more good days than there are bad days, but every time I think the sickness might be over, this little one proves me wrong!  I'm so thankful that the worst part is over, and I can keep some food down now!

At 19.5 weeks, we found out the gender of our little one... another BOY!  Though we were kind of hoping for a girl, in our living situation right now, it really works that the boys can share a room and we can make our "office" into a playroom.  I'm really excited for them to be so close together and have that bond, and I'm sure craziness, that only brothers can share!  I'll post pictures and video of our "Gender Reveal Party" soon.

We've started the transition from office to playroom, putting our desk and computer in our dining room, and having a yard sale (which just happens to be tomorrow) for most of the rest of the office.  I know that this transition will be good with Nate for naptime purposes, because he won't have the temptation he has now of what seems like THOUSANDS of toys!  There will be a "BED room" and a "PLAY room."  I'm excited about this.

To start out our "playroom" for our boys, we were able to get a train table from the twins I nanny for.  This was a "steal" from what the original price was.  Nate is obsessed with trains right now, and it has already proven to be a great investment!  Since this little one is also a boy, I'm sure the train table will get many uses from years to come!  Right now, we're teaching Nate to leave the trains without a fight.  Sometimes trains need to sleep too, you know!

Though I have neglected the "picture" part of this pregnancy, I HAVE still kept a baby journal each week.  I'll have a little proof I was pregnant!  :)


We still haven't decided on a name... we're almost there, but I'll definitely post when we do!

Hmmm... I'm exhausted.  Can't sleep quite as much with a two year old running around!  Luckily, I can sleep when he takes a nap... though I SHOULD be up doing housework.  :)

Around 21-22 weeks, we started feeling little kicks outside my belly... now they're in full force.  After a good orange soda, laying on the couch, I can seem him roll all around!  This was my favorite part of being pregnant with Nate, and proves to be true with this pregnancy as well!

Oh, orange soda.  This pregnancy has proven to be difficult with food, but even more with drinks.  Most drinks seem to make me sick, and usually it's ONE that doesn't.  For a while, apple juice (Target brand) was the key... then orange juice... tea, depending on where it was from... but for the last month or two, it has been orange soda.  My favorite... the Harris Teeter brand.

Sleeping has been here and there... I do wake up quite a few times, but luckily, at this point, I can go back to sleep fairly quickly.  I sure do miss sleeping on my tummy though!

This post has been here, there, and everywhere!!!  But there's a little bit about our bun in the oven, and all the neat, and not so neat, surprises he brings!  More to come soon!  Only 15 weeks, but hopefully LESS to go!

Oh, and just because...


Zoo - 4.25.12

Back in April, we went to the NC Zoo and had a great time!  They have an exhibit all about dinosaurs that is only there for a short amount of time, and Nate LOVED it.  He is fascinated with dinosaurs!