Between my addiction fascination with Pinterest and trying to save a bit of money/adding more variety to our meals at home, I've started cooking.  I guess I can actually say COOKING.  Not just throwing a bit of BBQ sauce on some chicken and reading the labels on a box of Rice-A-Roni...

Though food still makes me "feel" bad, I keep it in the majority of the time, so lately, I've been on a cooking "kick."  I never had a tremendous interest in it growing up, but when I actually feel like it, I enjoy getting in the kitchen!  ....gasp.

Here are some things I've been making the last couple of months.  If it's made from a Pinterest recipe, I'll put the link to it.

Oh, and pardon the cell phone pictures.  :)

(more like Orange Chicken, but they call it sweet and sour on the recipe)

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies
(just the oatmeal cookie recipe on the lid of Quaker Oats.  Most of the time I replace the raisins for craisins.)

 Cheeseburger Pockets 
(though the idea was kind of "sparked" from Pinterest, but I didn't have some of the ingredients, so I decided to go-it-alone.)

 Garlic Gnocchi.  
(Paid a pretty penny for this gnocchi at Target, but it was SO worth it.)

 Homemade "Tableside" Guacamole 
(just figured out what was in our favorite Mexican restaurants recipe, though I don't believe it was any cheaper than just going to get it... haha.)

(added and took away some ingredients in this one as well, based on what I had)

(my family would call this a "miss" simply because it's just too sweet for us, but I know plenty of people that love it.)

 Chicken Fried Rice with Fresh Zucchini and Squash

 Potato Salad 
(this is my husband's Great Aunt Jeanette's recipe.)

 (if you can get past the color, and eat it the SAME day (because it turns brown))

Homemade Caprese - fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes.  We put ours on toasted french bread.

Here are some things that we've tried, and not taken pictures of:

OMG Chicken (we used sour cream, not mayo)
Mac & Cheese (ridiculous.)
Crock-Pot Lasagna (we used ricotta, not cottage cheese)
Vanilla No-Bake Cookies (miss. too heavy, didn't set up correctly... probably did something wrong)
Crockpot Pineapple Chicken (we put this over rice)

Hopefully we can keep up this whole "cooking at home" thing when baby #2 arrives next month.... hopefully :)


Maternity Pictures

We had maternity pictures made on August 10th 2012 by Aaron Kohns at Gain Composure Photography.  We think they turned out great!

Here are some of them!  (just in case you're wondering, I'm 33 1/2 weeks here)

Our "Biggest" Little Guy

Haven't been posting very often, but I'd like to take a couple minutes to say some things about our "biggest" little guy.

Nate turned 2 in March, and will be exactly 2.5 when his little brother is born.

He is excited (as much as he knows) to be a big brother, and loves to feel, kiss, and hug Mommy's belly.  He also tries to feed him.   :)

He has slimmed down so much in the last 6 months, there's not really much of a belly or thighs on him!  Guess it's all the running!

Trains, Planes, Cars, "Big" Trucks, Motorcycles ("Bikes")... he can't get enough.

Nate loves to watch movies.  "Woody-Buzz" in particular.  ie:  Toy Story (any of them)

He has his first pet, purchased at the beginning of August, a fish, named Peter Pan.  He affectionately calls him "Pee-Pin."

We (or should I say "I" because Andrew was out of town) began potty training on July 11th, and could not be happier with his progress.  He took to it VERY well, and we can safely say he is "day" time trained, and wears a diaper at nap and bedtime.  Most naps he wakes up dry.

He has loved "twimming" this summer, and has made great strides.  At the beginning of the summer, he didn't even want to get IN the water, then when he got in, he wouldn't let us go.  Now, he doesn't want us to hold him!  He wants to "twim" by himself!

Some of Nate's favorite foods are raisins, ice cream, chicken nuggets, and green beans.

He helps with some things around the house like putting his clothes in his hamper and feeding Sophie her dog food.  He does pretty well, even though half of the food makes it in the water side of the dish sometimes.  :)

Nate is in "Cherub Church" (preschoolers) at our church and participated in his first Vacation Bible School this year.

 Some of Nate's favorite books are our "Kid's Bible" and "Little Bear."  His favorite TV shows are "Chuggington," "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," and "Bubble Guppies."

So there are some little facts about our big boy!  He's growing up so fast and we're just trying to catch every moment we can!  We're so excited about his little brother coming and can't wait to see the bond they make as brothers and friends!