Birth Story

The morning of September 19th, Nate woke up at 3 am (the second time he had woken up during the night, which is very unusual) and I went in his room to console him back to sleep.  After that, I COULD NOT sleep.  I had been feeling horrible, even more than usual, the night before.  Andrew woke up at 4:15 to get ready for work and I let him know I wasn't feeling well.  He took a shower, made his tea, went through all of his motions to leave, and about 4:45, I started feeling super nauseous.  I threw up and leaked some fluid.  He leaves no later than 5:00, so I was starting to worry about him leaving.  Having one previous "false alarm," it's hard to make the call on whether this was truly IT.  Around 5:00 I started having contractions (but i had been having them off and on for over a week.) and Andrew called his work to let them know he'd at least be late, if not having a baby later in the day.

The contractions started getting stronger and stronger, my stomach got upset (this happened with Nate as well) and I decided to get in the shower.  They say that if it's a false alarm, your contractions will lessen or stop all together when you change positions.  Nope.  Stronger.  Ouch.  :)

We called my parents to come over around 6, and they took their showers, and were there just before 7.  Get me the epidural.  kthanks.  :)

My dad stayed at the house with Nate so he could wait a bit and feed him breakfast before spending the day at the hospital and my mom rode with us.  We arrived at the hospital and met Andrew's mom Susan there.  I went into triage fairly quickly and they didn't even bother hooking me up to a monitor or checking dilation before sending me to a room... Room 171.

Dr. Wein (the doctor who delivered ME 26 years ago) was on call for the day.  Kind of exciting... full circle.  He came in and checked and I was around 5 cm, which was a bit of a let down because you think "I must be far, this hurts like CRAZY" and then you find out, nope, just starting!  Epidural.Now.Please.

The Knight in Shining Armor, who kind of looked like a skinnier Joe Millionaire, came with the life saving medication epidural at 9:38 and we were peachy.  Cue angels.  Hallelujah.

our nurse, Nicole, who was amazing :)
I progressed kind of slowly, though it probably was normal.  Around 1:00ish maybe (I really don't know, i'm just guessing here) they decided to give me, and I asked if I could have, the slightest bit of pitocin to speed things along a bit.  That did the trick.

2:40. 10 cm.  Time to push.
2:56.  Baby.
Wow. That was FAST.

I pushed for an hour and a half with Nate, so 16 minutes is ridiculously fast!  I listened to the doctor and pushed when he said to push, and more importantly DIDN'T push when he said to stop!  This made for a MUCH better recovery.  I'll stop there. :)

Jackson was here!  I asked if I could pull him out channeling my inner Kourtney Kardashian, but he said no... probably because Jackson's cord was wrapped around his neck once.  It's okay.  No biggie.  :)

Everything is done in the room now at Women's Hospital.  You immediately hold your child, skin to skin, then they take him to the warmer and check him out, in the room.  They no longer take him and the father to the nursery right after birth.  The baby never leaves your side.  The bath is done at least 6 hours after birth (we actually waited until the next day for Jackson's).  I loved the fact that he never left my sight throughout the day.  The only down side to that is the people in the waiting room have a pretty long delay before they can see the baby.  There is no longer the opportunity to peer through the nursery windows to get a glimpse...

Right after birth, Andrew went to get "Big Brother" from the waiting room so he could be the first to meet his Little Brother!   Nate looked, touched his feet, gave him a kiss, and was ready to go back and play.   He wasn't (and still isn't really) too interested.  I'll come in time I'm sure :)

Jackson was a full pound and a full inch smaller than Nate was when he was born!  He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 inches long.

We're in LOVE and we think he's just perfect!

((amazing birth photographs by Tina Marsh Photography))