2012... A Year in Pictures

I've been a horrible blogger this year, but I still wanted to do the "year in review."  :)

- we transitioned Nate from a crib to a "big boy" bed
- found out we were pregnant
- had chronic morning sickness and was hospitalized twice (i think one of these was in February)

- had our first "look" at our little baby
- went to welcome the WW2 veterans back from the memorial in DC at the PTI Airport
- had some snow :)

- Nate turned 2!
- bough a new van
- Andrew started one of 6 trips to Minnesota

- bought Andrew a new grill, surprised him with it as he came home from MN
- went to the zoo
- Easter
- growing belly!

- Found out our little one was another BOY!
- registered for baby boy #2
- got a new pool for outside
- Nate's first beach trip

- Nate bites through lip, emergency room, and stitches :(
- trip to IKEA to meet cousins Ryan and Kyle
- Nate's new bed

- 3D/4D ultrasound of baby boy!
- First trip to Wet & Wild
- Potty training begins
- Vacation Bible School
- Transitioning rooms, office becomes playroom, Nate and Baby Boy will share a room
- Summer Olympics

- Baby Shower
- New Pet (Peter Pan the Beta Fish)
- Pre-Season Dolphins v.s. Panthers game
- Nate promoted to preschoolers at church
- Maternity Pictures

- Waiting for Baby!
- False Alarm 9.10.12
- Jackson Paul born 9.19.12

- NC State Fair
- Early Voting
- Halloween as "Woody" (Nate) and a "Football" (Jackson)

- "Ring Around the Rosie" with GiGi
- NC State Football Game
- Disney on Ice
- Thanksgiving

- Jackson's Dedication
- 2012 Family Pictures
- Christmas tree hunting
- Christmas Day!