dōTERRA, y'all.

Most of you know by now, I have moved into a new "venture" in my life... or should I say, I've made a change in the way our family views medicine.

About a year ago, I started to become familiar with essential oils through some friends.  We weren't in the place at that time where we could invest, but after my husband got a new job back at the end of February, we took that chance!  Our lives have changed for the better, more than I could ever say!

dōTERRA International is an amazing company that supplies Certified Pure essential oils... everything from oils that help sinuses, to bug repellant, to headache relief, to odor removal.  You name the ailment or symptom, dōTERRA has an answer.

Disclaimer.  I'm not a doctor.  Everyone's body chemistry is different.  What may work for me, may not work as well for you.  Trial and error, y'all.

I think modern medicine has it's place.  My medicine cabinet still has cold and sinus meds, heartburn meds, headache meds, etc.  BUT, what's changed in our lives, is the fact that we don't reach for that FIRST.  Here lately, we don't reach for it at all.
If there's an oil that can help relieve a headache, we'll reach for that before we turn to over the counter meds.
If there's a blend that helps with sinuses or allergies, we'll try that first.  If it doesn't work, we'll move on.

Personally, we've seen amazing results!  I have a lot of stomach trouble and dōTERRA's Digestzen has made a HUGE difference for me!  I have personally seen Frankincense and Deep Blue help tremendously with pain relief.  Lavender and a blend that aids in a peaceful sleep has made my children's bedtime one thousand times easier!  (18 month old... not to point fingers.)

Going past the changes we've seen in our family medically, I have had the opportunity to make extra income as well!  Who doesn't love that?!?!?

So here's the deal.
Ask me how to make a positive change in the way that your family looks at medicine.
Let me know if you'd like to make a little extra income for your family!

Right now, if you sign up as an Independent Product Consultant, I will give you a FREE bottle of Wild Orange and a Spring 2014 dōTERRA magazine.

In addition, for the FIRST FIVE people that sign up, I will hold a drawing.  One of those five will receive a bottle of Deep Blue Blend ($42.67 value!) and another of those five will receive a Deep Blue Rub ($39 value!).


For Sale.

Roller Bottle Blends
*Chill Out!  (for stress and anxiety)
*Sleepy Time Blend 
*Liquid "Sleep" Blend
*Peaceful Child Blend
*Focus Blend
*Flu Shot in a Bottle
*Stuffy Nose Blend
*Headache Relief Blend
*Allergy Blend

*Sweet Dreams Sleepy Spray
*Owie Spray
*Hand Sanitizer
*Disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray

Make Your Own Keychain Kit
* This is a great way to try multiple oils without having to buy full bottles.  Pick which oils you would like and I will fill the keychain!  
* Price based on what oils are chosen.


 Ask about the Mother's Day Gift Set on sale NOW!  This is for Independent Product Consultants only, and would be a great introduction to three of dōTERRA's most loved blends!