Pregnancy Update

Just a little update... it's been a LONG time, huh?

We're pregnant!  We are due with our sweet little one on April 7th 2015 and we are super excited!
Right now, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and thanks to some new meds and a different gender (yep!  a girl!) this pregnancy has been much easier than the boys.  And yes, you read correctly... we're expecting a little girl this time!

Many people have been asking what her name will be... it's not really a secret,  I just haven't really shared it!

Baby Girl's Name is....

Mackenzie Grace!

This name isn't news to us, in fact, we've had this name stashed away for YEARS!  I have had my heart set on this name since the 8th grade and luckily Mr Downer was a fan, so it stayed the way it is!  :)

Nate is very involved with this pregnancy.  He loves to feel her and look at my belly.  He thinks every  day I need to "go to the hospital" because my belly is getting bigger!  Jackson tells people that he's getting a baby sister and both of them point to girl things in stores and say they're for her, even if they're going to be "for her" in like 8-10 years!

Hopefully I'll put up a "year in review" for 2014, because this has been a busy year!

We're looking forward to 2015 so much and can't wait to meet this precious addition to our family!

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